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BUSHRANGER bushranger brc 40
With a 40 mm diameter, chips branches and palm fronds using twin blade action and high discharge chute. Easy to use, manoeuvre and transport.We listened to our customers from the start when we started... more
BUSHRANGER bushranger brc 65 chipper
Chips branches up to 65 mm in diameter with twin blade action. A self-feeding and high discharge chipper that’s easy to use around the home or on acreage.We listened to our customers from the start ... more
COX cox chipper shredder
Australia’s champion chipper shredder with four stroke power that eats branches, prunings and garden waste, turning it into nutritionally rich, environmentally friendly garden mulch.... more
HANSA hansa c13 chipper
The C13 comes in three versions – standard with optional drawbar (C13), or mounted on a road trailer (C13 RT), or powered by your tractor (C13 PTO).Ideal for domestic and commercial use on acreage, ... more
HANSA hansa c4 chipper
The Hansa C4 is ideal for the suburban back yard.The Hansa C4 chips branches up to 40mm in diameter and features:One in-feed chute with large opening at a convenient operating heightFast chipping acti... more
HANSA hansa c7 chipper
Ideal for the home gardener or acreage owner, the Hansa C7 is a garden shredder, mulcher & chipper, in use across Australia – tidying up and creating mulch for gardens, acreages and small farms.... more
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